• “Nada nuevo” (nothing new) Language: Spanish Book format: staple, A5 Pages: 16 Colour: risograh blue Paper: light orange 80g. Made by DoThePrint

  • "Girls" Format: A5Inks: 2 Paper: Recycled Offset 200g

  • "HE-HE” Fanzine made it with Óscar Raña Book format: staple, A5 Pages: 16 Color: four risograph inks Paper Munken linx 130g + Poster A3, four risograph inks - paper Munken linx 130g Made in DoThePrint

  • "Behind is late” Language: English Book format: staple, A4 Pages: 28 + 8 page mini book Colour: risograh aqua, yellow, red and black. Paper: cream 130g.Translated by Raquel Senra Fernández Published by Coldcube Press

  • “Vivir debajo de un puente” (Live under a bridge) Language: Spanish Book format: staple, A5 Pages: 12 Colour: risograh blue, yellow, red and black Paper: Munken 130g. Made by DoThePrint

  • “It was not” Language: English Book format: staple, A5 Pages: 16 Colour: digital Paper: canson 90g. Made by Pygma

  • Catalog of the collective exhibition "Plait"Fanzines Festival! Paris, 2018 Participants:Chris HarnanChloé BertronAlexandre HeckAbobaker BashirCynthia Alfonso A4, color, 28 pages.

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